"Leadership and business effectiveness has little to do with your title and everything to do with your competency and character."

— Michael T. Denisoff,
M.B.A., P.C.C., S.P.H.R., LEED-AP


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Tag: performance

Motivating Employees in the Real World

Last week a friend of mine shared a powerful link on YouTube by Daniel Pink and his work from his book Drive on motivating employees.  The message although not entirely new is shared well with subtle insights that are valuable to leaders.  For a long while now we have known that money is not the […]

Getting Feedback for Leaders
Part 2

Great leaders are constantly looking for feedback.  And they are smart enough to realize that they have to take the initiative to get it.  If you wait for it to come to you, you will wait a while and if it finally shows up it probably will not be good news because it might be […]

Guest Blogged on Carol Roth—How To Motivate Employees

Just wanted to let you know that I provided a guest blog at CarolRoth.com this week.  The subject focused on the best strategies to motivate employees.  You will see  more than 80 tips to get your employees motivated.  Check it out at:  http://www.carolroth.com/unsolicited-business-advice/?p=2022




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