"Leadership and business effectiveness has little to do with your title and everything to do with your competency and character."

— Michael T. Denisoff,
M.B.A., P.C.C., S.P.H.R., LEED-AP


Executive Coaching"

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Consulting Services - Denisoff Consulting Group

Strategy and Business Consulting

Vision2Reality Consulting

Vision2Reality Strategy Development – DCG offers a proven methodology for working with your executive team to produce the most effective strategy for your organization. It is a wonderfully exhaustive process which delivers a clear, actionable and inspirational strategy:

  • Facilitation of Mission and Vision Development
  • Proven Strategy Development Methodology
  • Deliverable of a 3-5 Year Strategic Plan
  • Co-missioning Plan and Organizational Buy-in
  • Development of a Communication/Integration Plan
  • Design of Actionable Execution Plan with Metrics

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