"Leadership and business effectiveness has little to do with your title and everything to do with your competency and character."

— Michael T. Denisoff,
M.B.A., P.C.C., S.P.H.R., LEED-AP


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Employee Pay and Pay Raises in the “New Normal”—Hey Google, What’s Up?

I do not have to tell any of you that the past couple of years have been rough.  Most companies and industries have really struggled, making very intense cuts to their workforces and for many companies, their existing payrolls.  All but a few of my clients have either implemented pay increase freezes or instituted 5, […]

It is what it isn’t!

Great leaders are constantly looking for opportunities, reframing challenges, and making good things happen.  I dare not call this only a positive attitude as it seems to trivialize this leadership approach. Although good attitude is a part of this approach it also encompasses proactive posture, vision, problem-solving, and a variety of other core competencies for […]

Talent Magnet -Part III (Next Steps)

Got a few emails from the previous post that I would like to address in general terms. Every company has these processes (Recruiting, Performance Management, Rewards, and Employee Development) in place.  But we all know from personal experience that some companies and some managers are better at implementing and leveraging these processes. If you are […]

Talent Magnet -Part II (The Basics)

So if you want to magnetize yourself to attract, keep and leverage the best talent and high performers you need to start with the basics. And the best place to start is by maximizing the Talent Lifecycle process which includes Attraction and Selection, Performance Management, Individual Development and Rewards & Recognition. So here are a […]

Talent Magnet -Part I

I am in the process of finishing up a presentation for an upcoming conference.  I have been asked to speak on ways how managers can become “Talent Magnets.”  Formally speaking, this topic is about how managers can utilize the talent lifecycle (recruiting, performance management, development and recognition) to get, develop and keep  the best employees […]

Video Blog-Leadership Reflection and Self -Awareness

Check out Michael in the field of Southeast Utah speaking on the importance of reflection and self-awareness in leadership.

Keep Your Employees Engaged During the Economic Downturn

The current economic downturn has been going on for a while and many indicators suggest that it will continue for quite a bit longer.  This is depressing even to type out.  It has been a long haul for sure.  I have seen firsthand companies responding to this reality with important measures including layoffs and/or reductions […]

“Let me know what you think, but think before you let me know.”

We all have heard the timeless saying “Think before you speak.”   And it is a good one to heed especially in our jobs.    It however has become more difficult through the past years to take the time to think things through as the pace of work has increased almost beyond comprehension.  Additionally, I believe along […]

Getting Feedback for Leaders Part 4: Reaching Out

As was said earlier in this series, it can be hard for managers to get candid and honest feedback.  The bigger your title, the less of a chance people will volunteer feedback to you, especially tough feedback. Great leaders set the stage early with the people they work with–their boss, peers and direct reports– so […]

Getting Feedback for Leaders Part 3: The 360 Feedback Report

An amazingly effective way to get feedback as a leader is by participating in a 360 Feedback process.  As most of you may know this is a formal process by which to gather feedback in a safe and anonymous environment from a variety of perspectives all around you, hence the term 360 from a 360 […]




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